BAKER — After many years of shooting, Bryan Morgan has hit one big target by striking a bunch of tiny ones.

The 43-year-old from Baker has clinched the national Precision Rifles Series Championship, coming in first among about 300 competitors.

The sport pits highly talented shooters in fast-paced, long-range, small-target contests under varying conditions.

In the competition’s finale, held in Frost, Texas, late last month, Morgan had to strike a golf ball dangling from a string from a distance longer than the length of a football field. He hit a 12-inch metal plate from 10 times that.

“It’s a big honor,” Morgan said after returning home with the title. “You do not go into this thing thinking you are going to win it. Each person there is capable of doing some amazing things with a rifle.”

Morgan, who owns K&M Shooting Center north of Baker, has been shooting rifles for over 20 years since about the time he moved to Baker area from Tennessee. He started competing in the series three years ago.