CASTRIES, SAINT LUCIA – Free Kick Foundation will officially launch in Saint Lucia on 26-28 March 2016, with the Earl Jean Free Kick Invitational. The three-day tournament will feature 24 teams from various parts of the island, made of 12 each division – Under-14 and Under-17.

Saint Lucian born Aaron King founded the USA-based foundation. King’s vision includes creating a path for Saint Lucia’s Youth to utilize their talents as a means of becoming productive members of society.

The tournament is the first on the calender of events that FKF has scheduled for 2016. It promises to be an exciting year for soccer players and lovers, with a myriad of opportunities being presented to the young players.

King stated, however, that although the main focus will be on soccer, the young players are expected to maintain good grades and participate in career building showcases and life lessons. “We are not offering a hand out, but a hand up,” he said.

King urges the St Lucian public to come out in full force to support the youngsters as they vie to become the first of many FKF Champions.