Megan Nestor (left) poses with President of the Saint Lucia Netball Association - Liota Charlemagne-Mason.

CASTRIES, SAINT LUCIA – The National Netball Symposium held on Saturday December 1st 2018 at the Conference Room of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee has been described as instructive, insightful, interesting and worthwhile by participants.

The day’s activity was a participatory exercise intended to facilitate a process of collective analysis of the issues impacting the growth and development of the sport of netball, and arriving at consensus as regards the priority areas for future action.

Following an interactive brainstorming session which dealt with issues such as governance, marketing, and communication, capacity building, and finance, emerged as the four broad areas of concern for participants.

The key issues emanating from the participants analysis of the way forward were improved governance structure, inclusive of operational and accountability procedures, strengthening of grass roots, and or community based support, capacity of competence based training and the adoption of international best practices, Long Term Athlete Development – LTAD model which provides scope for the development of netballers, and heightened national profile of netball, as a leading vibrant game through an aggressive rebranding, marketing and communication campaign.

The symposium, concluded with the articulation of the vision and mission statements, as well as an outline of the proposed strategic direction. This was premised on the philosophy of collective ownership and driven by grass roots, and or community based organizations, which are committed to making netball a vibrant social game, nationally, and a sports tourism for Saint Lucia.