VIEUX-FORT, SAINT LUCIA – The Saint Lucia Football Association hosted a FIFA sponsored beach football coaching course, at which each participant was mandated to get back to their leagues and organize a coaching session, with a beach soccer festival to be held afterwards.

The aim was to sensitise the community and get players interested in organized beach football with the ultimate decision to host competitive national beach football competition.

Vieux-Fort South has undertaken the first phase of this in that the program has been introduced to some of the club coaches.

According to Emmanuel Bellas of the Vieux-Fort League, “The next step is for the coaches to now go to their clubs, get players interested, do some teaching and then to be followed by a festival, and that this beach soccer is not only open to current players, but to all who have an interest.”

In fact two coaching workshops were hosted by the Vieux-Fort South Football League in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Football Association over the past two weekends. On Saturday July 30th, Felix St. Rose took the charge and conducted a beach soccer coaching program.

Then from Friday August 5th-7th, 2016 an introductory soccer coaching program was conducted for new and upcoming coaches.

These sessions also saw Emmanuel Bellas lecturing on “What is Coaching and How to conduct a Training Session, while Felix St Rose delivered on the technical aspects of football.

Then Kingsley Armstrong presented on the Tactical Aspects, Josephat Mathurin dealt with goalkeeping, while Dane Magloire and Keiber Codrington handled physical fitness and managing sports injuries.