The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Swimming Federation on Sunday December 10th 2017, completed a 24-week basic swim programme with the Liberty Lodge boys as part of the Federations’ grassroots initiative funded by the Mustique Charitable Trusts.

At the award ceremony two of the boys spoke of how their confidence in the water grew during the program and how great they felt about this. Coach Xaveon Caesar spoke about how the boys who were stronger swimmers helped the weaker ones and they all worked well together.

Mrs Lavinia Gunn, Administrator of the Mustique Charitable Trusts was truly pleased with the comradery of the boys in the water, and was heartened by the positive comments the boys made about how their own confidence grew through the programme.

Social Worker Ms Janiel George thanked the Swimming Federation and the Mustique Charitable Trusts for the learn the swim programme indicating that the benefits to the boys went way beyond learning to swim but also helped in their discipline and development.

The Grassroots programme has also supported the development of Open Water clubs in Bequia and Owia.