Commonwealth Games 2018 is being hosted in the Gold Coast, Australia, with the Opening Ceremony held on Wednesday April 04, and the Closing Ceremony is on April 15, 2018.

St Vincent and the Grenadines is being represented by athletes in six sport disciplines, namely Athletics, Cycling, Swimming, Table Tennis, Squash and Weightlifting.

In athletics is Kineke Alexander, Kimorie Shearman, Kasique Oliver, Jumonne Exeter, Kemroy Cupid and Akani Slater.

The coach is Chester Morgan, manager Rohan Thomas, and chaperone Alexandra Walrond.

In cycling is Trevor Bailey known also as Zefal, Elroy Lewis, with the manager in the person of Emmerson Holder.

Dillon Gooding, Cruz Halbich, ALEXANDER Cyrus Chevres, and Nikolas Sylvester, along with coach Kyle Dougan make up the swimming contigent.

The table tennis group is Carlton Daniel, Romano Spencer and Andre Mitchell.

Mitchell replaced Damion Dublin as late athlete as a result of Dublin suffered a work related injury last Wednesday, and the team is accompanied by President Orville Haslam.

For squash is Jason Doyle, Jules Snagg, Omari Wilson, and Othniel Bailey with the manager/coach being taken up by Kevin Hannaway.

Rayen Cupid is the lone member in the weightlifting team, and the coach is George Manners.