Nanthan lays bare his reasons why he resigned as head of Dominica Cricket Association

ROSEAU, COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA, THURSDAY OCTOBER 04, 2018 – Since the resignation of Emmanuel Nanthan became public, many persons have asked what the reasons were. In an interview with Sharome Burton of Dominica Broadcasting Corporation which was able to obtain, Nanthan gave the reasons for his resignation.

“Following the hurricane, there is need for more and more work all over,” Nanthan said. “I have been travelling a lot and there are lots of things to be done on the ground in cricket. I believe in a hands-on leadership to get things going and I am not there all of the time. I think it was a good time to say farewell, to say goodbye. I am not stepping away. I am not giving up on cricket.”

Since his resignation Nanthan has offered himself to become the chairman of the cricket academy, and is still working to finalise sponsorship for the Twenty20 League.

According to Nanthan, being chairman of the cricket academy does not take as much time as being president of the Dominica Cricket Association. He points out that the Academy “needs special care and attention and I have offered myself in all other areas. I just stepped down as president but I am still an integral part of Dominica cricket.”

He said that the cricket academy has played a great role in grooming young men for regional and international cricket. “We has a great role to play, it has a great role to play in Dominica’s cricket development, and we expect to see some changes.”

Since its inception, the Dominica Cricket Academy has been working with a group of players and “we are now looking at doing things a little different.”

Nanthan added that “We will continue to work with a core group of Under-19 players, and I expect the Academy to play a role as well in preparing national teams – both male and female at the senior and junior level.

“Now that we have a number of graduants we have to keep engaging them, for some of them are not on the national team yet, and have left the academy.”

These players had not played any Under-19 cricket so plans are being finalised for the hosting of an annual Under-23 cricket tournament, to be followed by a Dominica Under-23 team playing a visiting Under-23 team either Barbados or Trinidad.

According to Nanthan, “Discussions have already been heal with the BCA (Barbados Cricket Association) and TTCB (Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board).”

These discussions have been ongoing for some time, which it is believed that such a tournament and series will help furthering the development fo the players.

Under Nanthan’s leadership, the stands at the Botanical Gardens is being covered from funds donated by the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Association, which was raised from a charity match held for that purpose.

“I still work with the Association, I am still very passionate about cricket, passionate about Dominica Cricket, promised the executive to work with them in any way I can assist, be it in a local league, in international tournament…whatever.”

Nanthan still remains as president of the Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control, and the vice-president of Cricket West Indies, for “Those roles are not as demanding as meeting on a weekly basis or fortnightly basis as we do at the DCA.”