ROSEAU, DOMINICA – Last Friday July 07, 2017 the Sports Division of Dominica hosted the final trial meet to select students to represent Dominica in track and field at the 2017 CBN/WINLOTT Windward Islands School Games scheduled to be held in St. Vincent from July 22 to 29, which targets students athletes.

The trial meet took place at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium according to reports members on the teams representing the other sporting disciplines namely football, basketball, netball, and volleyball joined the track and field athletes in the final bid to gain selection at this multi-discipline games.

It was expected that Dominica’s final team of 62 athletes would have been be selected on Monday July 10.

Earlier this year, a young Dominica women basketball team made up mainly of students preparing to represent Dominica at the 2017 CBN/WINLOTT Windward Islands School Games, took on a strong Martinique club in a friendly basketball match in Martinique.

The Martinique club which is made up mainly of senior seasoned players proved to be a force for the young inexperience Dominican players, defeating them 71 to 30.

According to Director of Sports Trevor Shiilingford, “The exposure was a worthwhile one particularly for the younger school girls who would have certainly benefited from the experience and skillful nature of the Martinique players.

“The young players in the Dominica team were the leaders on the court providing much hope for the future.”