Current state of the Mindoo Philip Park in Castries (photo: stluciasportsonline)

Francis ‘Mindoo’ Philip has been called on to make a call to business contacts and associates in order to have some restorative work carried on the facility which bears his name.

According to a recent letter penned by former national midfielder Gilroy Hall, the current condition of the Mindoo Philip Park, “the very facility named in your honour has once again become the victim of irresponsibility, disregard and abuse.”

Here is the full letter as written by Hall-:

“Good Night Mindoo:

“I trust that you have been resting in peace and it is with great discomfort that I disturb your solitude at this time with news that will sadden and annoy you at the same time.

“Despite your mammoth contribution to sports development as a cricketer, footballer, facility manager, coach, mentor, and administrator; the very facility named in your honour has once again become the victim of irresponsibility, disregard and abuse.

“The Mindoo Phillip Park, which has contributed far more to sports development than any other facility in Saint Lucia, is in a state of disrepair that is certainly not in keeping with your honourable name and legacy.

“A national hero like you surely deserves better and the excuse that no one is certain who is responsible for the facility currently is beyond my capacity to comprehend. For this I must apologize.

“I have already informed the family of your friend and number one fan, Dunstan Du Boulay, about the neglect and disrespect metered out to your sacred office, from whence u worked tirelessly to put Saint Lucia on the map with your batting prowess and other sporting talents.

Gilroy Hall

“The picturesque and imposing monument erected in your honour is reduced in stature not for want of quality design and construction, but due the presence of choked toilets, vine covered walls, and generally horrendous surroundings.

“You are buried there! Do they not remember that! It may be challenging at this time but I would be most grateful if you could call one or two of your business contacts and sports officials to lodge an official complaint. Maybe they will take more immediate action if they hear it directly from you.

“To you and your family and on behalf of all the sportsmen and women in Saint Lucia I thank you and your sacred ground for all you have given and continue to give to sports development in Saint Lucia.

“I’m still playing football but pass the ball more and dribble less like you told me to.

“Season’s greetings to you and your family.
“Your friend and fan
“Gilroy Ezi Hall”