The Dominica Table Tennis Association (DTTA) has a new president and executive, when Edgar Berridge was officially elected president on Saturday November 19 2016.

Wanito Aaron is the new Vice-President; Melinda Seraphin is secretary, Gem Eloi treasurer, Dane Taylor is assistant-treasurer, Jordan Jerome the public relations officer, and three committee members in Cornelius Timothy, Eloi Thomas, and Gabriel Thomas.

According to Dominica Vibes, the newly elected Berridge said “First of all, let me thank all the people who had confidence in me, and for nominating me to run for the president of the association.

“I am going to put my best foot forward. You all know that table tennis is my love, it’s my passion, and all I want to see is our passion, table tennis, develop.”

He added that being a president as well as a coach isn’t easy, and he will therefore need the help of the executive.

Berridge pointed out that “I believe we have a strong executive board that can really help table tennis to go somewhere. But I want the other executive members to remember that it cannot me done by myself alone.

“I’m a player, I’m a coach, and now I’m president. It has to be done by all of us working together. It’s a really difficult thing to run an association, especially one like table tennis, where we have so many kids involved in table tennis.”

Berridge, who acknowledged that the sport has “down for a while in Dominica”, promised that the new executive board will “put their best foot forward, to ensure that table tennis regains its status here.”