Leonardo Julien power hitting the Guyanese bowlers with a fearlessness in his brutal 79-ball knock of 87 not out which propelled Trinidad and Tobago to a nine-wicket victory (photo: Robertson S. Henry)

SION HILL, ST. VINVENT AND THE GRENADINES; WEDNESDAY AUGUST 08, 2018 – On day two of the second round of matches in the 2018 Cricket West Indies Regional Under-19 Cricket Championships, being played in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Trinidad and Tobago, powered by an aggressive 16-year-old Leonardo Julien, romped to a nine-wicket victory with a day to spare against Guyana at the Sion Hill Grounds today.

Mixing aggression with solid defence, Julien hit eight 6s and four 4s in a 79-ball 87 not out, which left the Guyanese shell-shocked. Having lost Navin Bidaisee bowled by Kevin Sinclair for 12 – 22 for 1, Julien joined his captain Cephas Cooper and made his intentions clear.

With a target of 141 to win, Julien played with a broad, straight bat, launching all the bowlers straight overhead. Even Guyana captain Baskar Yadram was on the receiving end of some rough treatment, his two overs costing him 18 runs.

When the winning runs were hit fittingly by Julien, Cooper was left not out 41, as Trinidad and Tobago reached 141 for 1 off 31.1 overs at a scoring rate of 4.52.

Kevin Sinclair was the only wicket taker 1 for 28, while the only extra was a no-ball.

Earlier resuming their reply at the overnight score of 51 for 4, Trinidad and Tobago lost wickets at a steady rate, an embarrassing experience which gave Guyana a mere two run first inning lead; Guyana all out for 102 in 56 overs.

Navin Bidaisee top-scored with 16, Rivaldo Ramlogan and Avinash Mahabirsingh scored 14 each, and Leonardo Julien 13. Wickets fell at 1 for 19 (Navin Bidaisee, 9.1 overs), 2 for 20 (Cephas Cooper, 11.4 overs), 3 for 29 (Crystian Thurton, 16.2 overs), 4 for 37 (Leonardo Julien, 19.4 overs), 5 for 62 (Rivaldo Ramlogan, 30.6 overs), 6 for 64 (Joshua James, 33.4 overs), 7 for 88 (Avinash Mahabirsingh, 44.4 overs), 8 for 89 (Nathaniel McDavid, 47.3 overs), 9 for 102 (Te-shawn Alleyne, 55.4 overs), and 10 for 102 (Jayden Seales, 55.6 overs).

Qumar Torrington worked up some pace but that was nullified by the broad blade of Julien (photo: Leonardo Julien)

Kevin Sinclair led the destruction with five for 42, Ashmed Nedd three for 34, and Kelvin Umroa one for 05, with 7 extras bowled made of 4 byes, 2 leg-byes, and 1 no-ball.

The Guyanese were cock-a-hoop, as they had bowled themselves back into contention, and only needed to bat their opponents sensibly and aggressively out of the match.

But that did not go according to script, for except 71 by Joshua Persaud, skipper Baskar Yadram made 26, Javid Karim 12, as the Guyanese batsmen wilted like flowers under a non-existent scorching South American sun. All other batsman had single digit scores, making the rest of the scorecard an exchange number somewhere in Timbuktu.

Wickets fell at 1 for 9 (Sachin Singh, 4.6 overs), 2 – 20 (Alex Algoo, 11.4 overs), 3 for 28 (Kevelon Anderson, 13.6 overs), 4 for 86 (Baskar Yadram, 27.6 overs), 5 for 91 (Kevin Sinclair, 30.1 overs), 6 for 91 (Junior Sinclair, 30.3 overs), 7 for 114 (Javid Karim, 37.4 overs), 8 for 134 (Ashmed Nedd, 43.1 overs), 9 for 137 (Qumar Torrington, 44.2 overs), all out 10 for 137 (Joshua Persaud, 45.3 overs).

Justyn Gangoo took five for 27, Nathaniel McDavid three for 35, and Navin Bidaisee two for 40; the wreckers of the Guyanese dream of victory. Two extras were bowled – 1 bye and 1 wide.

As the Caribbean sun shone down in its glory, only to be at times obscured by the ever mischievous clouds, the Leonardo Julien firestorm gave the impression that the wicket was tailor-made for him; different to the one which saw the Guyanese batting implode. His fireworks lit up the afternoon, albeit sad that there were very few spectators to see a brutal batting display from a 16-year-old, bringing back memories of yesteryear’s glory days.