SLFA Knockoff Football Tournament
09/08/2015 Saint Lucia
ECVA Men's U-21 Tournament
11/04/2015 - 16/04/2015
Round 4 Windward Islands Volcanoes vs Barbados Franchise
05/12/2014 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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Sportcaraibe is an all sports website established towards providing a radical improvement in the marketing, promotion, and coverage of all sporting events, and sports-related events in the eight-island OECS sub-region.

Sportcaraibe’s philosophy is to remain a non-profit making entity, as it seeks one thing and one thing only – promote and market the efforts and sacrifices of athletes, sponsors, parents, administrators, and the public and private sectors in the OECS sub-region.

Sportcaraibe is a creative and innovative medium to enlighten persons of the existing sporting talent evident in the OECS sub-region, serving as a tool in motivating the sub-region’s sports men and women, and organisations.

Sportcaraibe will not seek to compete with the other media establishments – print and electronic, for they are limited in what can be published, printed, aired and or televised.

Sportcaraibe has the capacity to have all information posted, becoming the much-needed massive clearinghouse for all sports information. The retention of information such as records, statistics, and other pertinent pieces of information will now be a reality.

Cognisant of the current economic climate, Sportcaraibe will seek collaborative partnerships involving the OECS sub-regional media, public and private sectors, in bringing about a new and improved quality to the coverage of sports in the sub-region.
This would result in increased public interest and participation, and greater value for the investment by sponsors, for they would have the assurance in knowing that the public is fully informed of sports and sports-related achievements.

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